Diva Den Studio is the perfect place to host your next party! Whether it’s a bachelorette, birthday celebration, girls night out or just for fun, we have a party for you! All of our parties are fully customizable to create a perfect event for your group. We do pole dancing, striptease, and can turn any of our fitness classes into a private party for your group.

Party FAQ's

QHow old do you have to be to have a DDS party?

For a pole dance or striptease party you must be 18+ years, with NO exceptions! However, we do offer parties for all-ages, even little ones! Call or email for more information on booking a specialized party for all ages.

QThe maid of honor is only 17. Can she attend the party?

You must be 18+ years to attend a pole dancing or striptease party. However, we do have a massage therapist who would be happy to pamper the Maid of Honor during your party. Call us to schedule your appointment or book online.    

QCan we bring food and beverages?

Yes, you can bring food and beverages for your guests. We will supply you with a table and table cloth for your group.

QCan we bring alcohol?

Yes, if all members of your party are 21+ years.

QWhat should we wear for our party?

Whatever you are comfortable in! Workout clothes are best since you will be moving around a lot. If you are doing a striptease party, bring something to peel off and a pair of your favorite high heels for sexy strutting.

QWhat if I don’t want to participate, I just want to watch?

No looky-loos! All members of the party are required to pay to watch or play. Believe us, once you get in there you will want to join the fun!

QMy best friend is a guy. Do you allow men in your parties?

Diva Den Studio is for women only. However, we do allow men to attend private parties with prior instructor approval. Please call or email to prior to your party if you’d like to request a male participant.

QWhat time should we arrive for our party?

Please arrive 15-minutes prior to your party to finalize payment and fill out party waivers.

QWhat if we are late to our party?

If you are late to your party, this will deduct from your party time. Instructors are booked specifically for your group and the time you scheduled. Please see Party Policies for more information on late parties, cancellations and schedule changes.

QCan we get ready to go out at Diva Den after our party?

You will have 15-minutes after your party is finished to freshen up in our locker room. If you would like to request more time, please arrange this with your instructor when you chat with her prior to your event.

QThe Bride has a favorite genre of music. Can we request her favorite songs?

We will do our best to accommodate your music needs. Make sure you share your requests with your instructor when you chat about your party.

QDo you sell souvenirs for our party?

Yes! We have a small boutique full of goodies like, Diva Den Party shot glasses, water bottles, leg warmers, booty shorts, tank tops and t-shirts.

QIs tipping our instructor allowed?

Tipping is always welcomed, but not required.

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