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Diva Amberlee
DDS Instructor

Diva Amberlee

Bio: I was introduced to Diva Den Studio in 2010 and began taking every dance and fitness class that my schedule would allow! With a background in jazz dance and theatre I was excited to find a place that offered so many fun fitness classes and dance routines that have allowed me to once again feel creative through movement and expression.

Soon after my first pole taster I started to take pole sessions and pole'ography classes. I felt so inspired and honored when asked to train for and instruct pole/chair parties, which I love! They brought out a new side of creativity and flow for me, all while helping me to become stronger and more confident. I often found myself and continue to find myself performing new movements and styles throughout each class and encouraging others to do so as well!

Diva Den is a place that I look forward to coming to each day! I am excited to continue to further my pole training and knowledge through the studio and various pole certifications. When I'm not instructing, you will find me in the many wonderful classes offered on the weekly schedule!

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