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Diva Angela
DDS Instructor

Diva Angela

Bio: Angela has always loved performance art, and as a child she found her first outlet through theater. She trained in the BFA Acting Program at UC Santa Barbara, where she was exposed to the weird and beautiful world of movement theater. Through acroyoga and expressive physicality, Angela developed a strong connection between creativity and the body. On a whim in 2012 while living in San Francisco, she signed up for a beginner pole dance class at Entangle and Sway.

Unsure at first of what to expect, Angela was impressed by an inclusive and supportive community, the potential for creative expression, and of course the physical demand. She noticed that she was the most alive when helping others learn, so in 2014 she became an instructor at Entangle and Sway, focusing on freestyle pole dance.

Angela has recently moved to Portland and is honored to join the incredible team at Diva Den. Her mission is to help women develop confidence and cultivate love for themselves (and each other) through dance. She can be found outside the studio drinking wine and smashing the patriarchy. Angela is also profoundly skilled at napping."

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