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DDS Instructor


Nickname(s): Dahrio Wonder

Bio: Dahrio Wonder is a San Francisco Bay Area native. As a dancer, choreographer and instructor he has performed and worked with Britney Spears, Madonna, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart, Ying Yang Twins, Wisin, An’gela Winbush, Zumba®, Nike® and the late salsa legend Celia Cruz. He has also performed on various television programs including the American Music Awards, Latin Grammy’s, NFL Kickoff and MTV. In 2012, Wonder joined the Gina & Tanya Zumba® tour as the featured music artist, touring cities throughout the US and Canada. Most recently, Wonder has teamed up with Zumba® Fitness to write, record and perform music for Zumba® Fitness’ DVD volumes, marketing campaigns and annual conventions.

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