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Diva Hannah
DDS Instructor

Diva Hannah

Bio: Hannah came to Diva Den Studio after graduating from the University of Oregon where she was invited to join the U of O Repertory Dance Company. They toured around to high schools performing and educating young students about college and different path ways to get an education.

She was always active but in college is when it became a passion and she decided she wanted to work in the field of health and fitness.

After moving to Portland she became restless not dancing and being as active so she decided to try something new and take Pole Dancing!

As soon as she tried her first class she was hooked. She quickly started taking more and more classes and became part of the team working the front desk.

She got Zumba licensed, AFAA and ElevatED certified. She is currently working on her personal training certification through NASM and hopes to start teaching and training soon. She entered the DDS pole instructor program and is on her way to having her own classes.

Hannah is a beautiful dancer and a hard worker. We love her sweet spirit and are so excited to have her on Team Diva.


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