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Diva Jody
DDS Instructor

Diva Jody

Nickname(s): “Snacks” or “JoJo”

Bio: I’ve been blessed with a lovely family, my two boys and husband. They are the greatest joy in my life.

Growing up on a farm with 9 siblings, I’m no stranger to hard work and the love of the great outdoors. I’ve been an active person my entire life, and have always enjoyed fitness. Becoming certified in Pilates in 2003 seemed like a natural career choice, after working many years in the healthcare system. Pilates incorporates the mind, body connection and builds strength from within. Allowing us to become stronger, more balanced and healthier humans. Over the years I’ve added to my credentials TRX Suspension Training, Aerial Fitness, and Barre. Incorporating a variety of fitness regimes has allowed me continue teaching and has improved one of my favorite past times, running. I’ve been an avid runner since my early 20’s and have been fortunate to have completed local and international marathons as well as countless half marathons. Being able to run outside and connect with nature is extremely refreshing.

Fitness is a journey and with it our views and even our own capability will change over time. Being able to move gracefully through this journey and learn how to bend when need be, will allow us to experience the joy of a healthy and balanced life. This is why I teach, I hope to relay to all my clients this message and give them the gift of fitness.

Diva Den Studio embraces every women that walks through it’s doors. Encouraging them to be sexy, fabulous and healthy, no matter age, weight or background. I’m very honored to call Diva Den Studio my home.

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