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Diva Laurel
DDS Instructor

Diva Laurel

Nickname(s): Laurel

Bio: I fell in love with Diva Den in 2010 after taking a Pole Taster. I was instantly hooked and thrilled to have found a workout that combines dance and strengthening exercises, with a fun, flirty flair. Pole brought me back to dance, which I had always loved growing up, but as an adult who hadn't danced in many years, found it difficult and intimidating to get back into it. I grew up taking gymnastics, dance and later yoga, but it wasn't until I took pole that I really found my niche. As I began to take more of the classes offered at Diva Den I started to explore other forms of dance again and remembered how happy it makes me. I joined 3D, the Diva Den Dance troupe (formerly Dolled Up) and love the challenge and the fulfillment of performing again over the last 3 seasons.

I am so excited to join Diva Den as a pole instructor so I can share the wonderful world of pole with other women and help them get fit and have fun doing it.

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