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Diva Rosella
DDS Instructor

Diva Rosella

Nickname(s): Rosey

Bio: I believe Dance and music has the ability to empower communities and inspire generations. It has been the base of my joy from a young age. I recall an elementary school teacher putting on Michael Jackson and telling my class to just feel the music and move. After a bit of reluctance I did just that. Stopping the class and pointing at me she says “Rosella feels it, look at her, she’s GOT IT!” I knew from that point on that Dance and music moved my soul from deep within!

As my high school didn’t offer a dance team, many of my peers included myself successfully petitioned administrators and organized a student lead dance team. Providing our own choreography and costumes I believe made us a force to be reckoned with. We started getting major recognition in our city. This is when I became extremely serious and dedicated to Dance and hip hop. Following high school my dream was to move to L.A to pursue dance full time. After having my son at 18, I had to temporarily shelve my dance aspirations focusing rather on embracing my responsibilities as a mother.

I returned to college in my mid 20’s majoring in Psychology and at the same time got heavy into health and fitness. I was a down right gym rat and became extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. At school I attended an afro Brazilian/Cuban class with Donna Oefinger and fell in love! Shortly after she asked me to join her dance company Axe’ Dide’. I trained in Rio Samba, Samba Heggae, Afro Brazilian/Cuban and many other genres. I stayed with that company for six years training and performing all over the Pacific Northwest.

In 2006 I heard about this new fitness craze that was sweeping the nation and finally heading to Oregon called Zumba. I had never heard or taken a class prior to the workshop. A friend gave me a heads up and told me I definitely need to be a part of this! I took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back. I was able to quit my day job and teach full time dance and fitness 4 years ago.

I love teaching different formats and look forward to opportunities to learn and create. This is an AMAZING industry! I have several new ventures in dance, fitness and nutrition . To name a couple a friend and I recently started a dancehall crew. I also started choreographing for a really great artist and his backup singers. Oh and last but not least I must say how much I LOVE DIVA DEN STUDIO, the members, and the lovely ladies I work with! I’m doing what I was born to do which is Inspire, motivate, empower, build confidence, touch and change lives. We’ve created an atmosphere of sisterhood where lifelong friendships are born and nurtured.

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