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Diva Shasta
DDS Instructor

Diva Shasta

Nickname(s): Honey Badger

Bio: My love for Diva Den Studio began in May 2009 when I took my first pole dancing class with Kristin. I was extremely shy and never had the confidence or inspiration to dance. Eventually I worked up the confidence to try zumba, then hula hooping, then samba, then EVERY class I could get to the studio for. I was hooked! Diva Den Studio became a family, and their support, encouragement and inspiration challenged me to go out of my comfort zone. Over the next several years I was blessed to be able to perform with a samba troupe, belly dance troupe and do hula hoop dancing for a local band's concerts. None of these experiences would have been in my wildest dreams prior to what I learned, and the personal growth I went through at the studio.

The confidence I acquired through my experience here also allowed me to follow some lifelong dreams. In 2014 I went a solo backpacking trip through 13 countries and was able to meet so many amazing people, see amazing sights, and gain so much more perspective. It was the best education I've ever received! One of my favorite parts of the journey was taking photos with my Diva Den Studio tank top in neat places around the world and sending them back to the studio for "Traveling Diva" pictures. It was a fun way to stay connected with everyone even while I was far away.

Currently I am a Brand Ambassador for Diva Den Studio and LOVE telling people about this incredible place! When I'm not at the studio, I work as a Purchasing Specialist for Life Flight Network. Some of my other interests are: camping, hiking, traveling, playing music, skydiving, aviation, cooking, gardening, creating accessories/costumes and learning new languages.

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