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Diva Sidnie
DDS Instructor

Diva Sidnie

Nickname(s): Sid Vicious

Bio: I absolutely love to dance, but I did not discover this passion until later in life. Growing up I was much more of a tom boy, playing basketball and lacrosse for most of my school years. I always enjoyed dancing with my girlfriends when we would have sleepovers, but it never extended further than that.

In 2009 I was finishing up my Bachelors degree of Interior Design at the Art Institute of Portland. I was pretty bored with the regular gym routine and in a ‘fitness rut’, but then I took my first Zumba Fitness class and my whole world was never the same. Within minutes of this class my mind was made up, I was going to be a Zumba Instructor! I was in my early twenties with no dance background so I knew I had a long way to go, but the decision was made and I never looked back. I started taking classes all over town and within months I received my Zumba Fitness license. Shortly after that I started getting hired at local gyms and studios and my passion grew even bigger.

Just when my Zumba Fitness career seemed to be picking up and my classes were growing, my husband and I decided to go live on St. Croix USVI for awhile and try a new way of life. This lead to my students requesting that I film some of their favorite routines and put them on YouTube. I can honestly say that I thought only my students would ever watch these 5 original videos, but I was wrong. The videos seemed to take off and I was receiving beautiful messages from people all over the globe thanking me and filming themselves dancing to my choreography. I now have close to 100 videos posted on YouTube and have no plans to stop anytime soon!

While living on the island I started exploring different dance styles and eventually came up with my own dance fitness format that I now call 'Dance Party Hustle'. When I came back home to Portland in 2012 I continued teaching this new format and I was asked to sub a class at Diva Den Studio. I had been a student there for years before and was on cloud nine that I had this opportunity. After that class I was offered a spot on the schedule, and to this day I am still excited that I get to teach at this amazing studio! In 2014 I made the decision that I exclusively teach at Diva Den Studio. This beautiful place is my happy hour, my second home and my family.

Throughout my fitness journey I have explored and taught many different formats. Other licenses and certifications include: Zumbatomic (kids Zumba), Pound ‘Rockout Workout’, Buti Yoga, CPR/AED and I received my AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) Certification in 2014. I plan to continue on this journey of dance and fitness and hope that it is always a part of my life.

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