Diva Sidnie

Diva Sidnie

Nickname(s): Sid Vicious

Bio: I was raised in Portland Oregon and I am still happy to call this place home. I am an artist at heart, an interior designer by bachelor’s degree, but now here I am as a dance and fitness instructor at Diva Den Studio! It’s funny how life turns out, it takes turns and steers you right where you are meant to be.

Zumba was my portal to this world of dance and fitness, and my life has never been the same since that very first class I took in 2010. After graduating from The Art Institute of Portland, I was working full-­‐time as a tile design specialist at Pratt & Larson Tile and teaching one Zumba class a week for fun. One class turned into two, two turned into four and before I knew it I was teaching all over the place! There were highs and lows, but it was never an option to stop. I knew that for whatever reason I was just meant to be motivating people to exercise through dance fitness, it was always so natural to me and still brings me endless joy!

My dance and fitness career has only just begun. Zumba is what got me here, and now I am expanding my horizons and learning more everyday! My signature hip hop fitness class, Dance Party Hustle, was created while I was living in St. Croix right after my husband Kelson and I got married in 2011. Today I am so fortunate to teach it every week at the Diva Den Studio! Being a member for years prior to teaching at DDS, I never dreamed that I would some day be on Team Diva!

In 2013 I became a Pound Rockout Workout instructor and a Buti Yoga instructor, this created perfect harmony in my fitness life. Then in 2014 I was invited to become a Pound Pro Master Trainer! My plan is to continually educate myself and grow with this exciting new world of fitness!

Dance and fitness has not only brought better health to my life, but also so much love, relationships, knowledge and experiences that are priceless to me. The Diva Den Studio is my happy place! I hope to see you in class!

  • Sidnie FAQ's

    Q:  What is your favorite quote?
    A:  "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and the present it a gift".

    Q:  Favorite beverage?
    A:  Soy Vanilla Latte.

    Q:  Favorite class in college?
    A:  color theory-I am fascinated by colors and how they effect human emotional reactions. From interior design to advertising, it's amazing how much power color holds.

    Q:  Special Power?
    A:  to fly! but it would also be cool if my friends could fly with me...I wouldn't want to fly all alone :)

    Q:  Favorite Holiday?
    A:  HALLOWEEN! I love to dress up, and have everyone else do the same. You can be anything or anyone you want for a night, and that is pretty cool. I think about my costume all year long, I take Halloween very seriously, haha.

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