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Diva Sydney
DDS Instructor

Diva Sydney

Nickname(s): Syd, Sydster

Bio: I was born and raised in Portland Oregon. I grew up always on the go- whether it was swimming, basketball, volleyball, or gymnastics, I enjoyed being in an active environment. I love being in nature hiking the Gorge, or playing on the beach.

I fell in love with dance once I got into high school. I was captain my senior year, and assistant coached for two years after I graduated.

I am moved and motivated by music, and dance becomes my escape daily either in dance class, or just cooking in my kitchen.

I will be graduating soon from PCC with a degree in Fitness Technology. I aspire to be a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and physical therapist. I got Zumba Licensed at Diva Den Studio with Gina Grant and am currently a kickboxing trainer.

My goals are to travel and see the world, and to be a motivation to people wanting to live a happy healthy and active lifestyle. I want to continually educate myself and grow in the world of fitness.

Completing an internship at DDS is one of the best things I have ever gotten to do. All the instructors are amazing. They have taught me so much about the fitness industry, and they helped me gain a lot of confidence. I am so thankful that I still get to be a part of Team Diva and be surrounded by smiley happy encouraging women.

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