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Diva Tammi
DDS Instructor

Diva Tammi

Nickname(s): "T" or "T-Dubs"

Bio: I have always been passionate about helping others and I developed a passion for fitness after discovering my love for group fitness classes in high school. I went off to Oregon State and spent most of my free time in the gym. I earned my group fitness instructor certification from there and started teaching classes at the OSU gym my freshman year (2001). I then began teaching all different class formats for Bally Total Fitness and Corporate Club Management (Step, Boot Camp, Sports Conditioning, Strength training, Abs, Cycling, etc.) as well as Personal Training (cert through WITS) and loved how much satisfaction I got when I helped others achieve their goals – increase strength, gain more flexibility, build stability, get in shape, lose weight, and at the root of it discover health! I love being able to help people improve and achieve things they didn’t think were possible. I became certified in Pilates in 2003 which helped me to balance my own running and strength workouts and greatly improved my core and flexibility. Pilates also helped me provide a more comprehensive workout to my clients and I feel that Barre is a natural extension for me as there are many similar movements as well as goals between the two, such as flexibility and strength.

I have a B.A in Communication Studies with a cert in Training & Development and an Ed.M. in Adult/HR/Organization Education. I am blessed to have an awesome job in the corporate Learning & Development world that I love because I get to help people learn new ideas and perspectives. And to top that off, I get to teach fitness classes on my lunch break at their private gym – so I have the best of both worlds and I am loving every minute of it! I’m absolutely thrilled to join the instructors at Diva Den - I love the community and culture that all the Divas have created (staff and members). An all-women’s gym that embraces every woman as they are – I don’t know how it could be better than that!

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