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Diva Tara
DDS Nail Technician/Esthetician

Diva Tara

Bio: I have been able to find an amazing opportunity to combine two of my favorite things at Diva Den Studio, dance and creativity!

I started dancing when I was ten and have enjoyed everything from ballet to aeriel fabric dancing. My early twenties have been busy with travel, moving to Portland from Arizona, and getting married and I am excited to be surrounded by powerful women and my favorite hobbies once again.

When I was sixteen i decided to go to beauty school while finishing up High School. I started doing nails when I was eighteen and have found a growing love for the creativity it allows me to have, as well as the ability to meet so many amazing women throughout the years. I love having the ability to create nails as an accessory to a client's personality and I feel blessed that the many innovations in nail technology have allowed me to do so.

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