Aerial Yoga

Using a fabric aerial hammock suspended from the ceiling, these classes combine aerobic, strength, stretch and yoga movements for an enlightening fitness experience!

You’ll enjoy hanging around in these classes. They help decompress the spine and broaden your range of motion, helping you flow through yoga poses with ease. Inversions help alleviate pain, lengthen your spine and relieve pressure from daily stresses.

These popular classes have limited space. You must pre-register to hold your spot in class.

Aerial Yoga Prices

  • Drop-in Class - $17.50
  • 5 Fly Girl Punch Cards (Cirque Air Yoga & Specialty Pole classes) - $49.50
  • 10 Fly Girl Punch Cards (Cirque Air Yoga & Specialty Pole classes) - $93.50

Fly Girl Fit!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! A perfect blend of Pole-Fit and Aerial, this class is for everyone! Using the poles and Aerial straps and swings to get an amazing all over workout with some beautiful stretching. You do not need to be a pole student to take this class.

Aerial Evolution

One 60 minute class divided into two 30 minute formats.

Fire Flye

A non stop cardio strength class using the aerial straps and swings. Work to your own level. Modifications provided. Aerial straps and swing will help support your body weight so its fun and comfortable but as challenging as you feel you want your personal workouts to be. Exercises include using your natural body weight for all kinds of fun fabulous pushups to strengthen upper body, lower body hamstrings/planks, total body squats, and abdominal work till you drop---just joking ! Just so you'll be looking Fiery Red Hot!

Butter Flye

A Smooth, fluid stretch session to calm your Bodies down after fun "Fire Flye" workouts. Or come join us just to get your stretch on! Start off with a 3 minute breath meditation to calm your nerves. Then gentle stretches proceeded by deeper stretches of all major muscle groups to release the tightness and tension in upper back, neck, shoulders, hamstrings, lower back and hips. Will also play with backbends and favorite inverted positions like full headstands completely supported by the aerial swings (great for joints since you are only 50% of natural body weight in air). Then a relaxing meditation to End. Come play with us and leave feeling Super SEXY Smooth like melted Butter...

Center of Gravity

Find YOUR Center of Gravity while using FLY GYM supportive fabric slings that are hung from the ceiling. Participants can suspend their body (or parts of their body) so they can enjoy motion in 360 degrees while sculpting their bodies in the air. This helps improve strength & body awareness, increase joint mobility, decompress the spine, and gives the opportunity to find creativity and joy in physical activity. No prior FLY experience required.

  • Please wear soft comfortable clothing
  • Yoga socks or bare-feet
  • No Jewelry that may hook or tear the fabric

Cirque Air

Everyone loves a circus! Starting with the Aerial Swings to hang, stretch and strengthen you body. You will move from the swings to pole to other fun pieces of equipment, all designed to make you stronger and longer! Yoga has never been so much fun as it is in this class! So come fly with us! No previous experience required.


While Aerial Yoga is a wonderful experience, there are some precautions to take before signing up. If you have ANY of the following, you can not invert in these classes. Please speak with the instructor before class so she can help you during times of inversion.

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart problems
  • Pregnant (all trimesters)
  • Previous stroke
  • Eye problems related to pressure
  • Sinus blockage or problems

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STUDIO HOURS: Mon-Thurs: 8:45am-Noon  &  5-8:30pm,  Fri: 8:45am-Noon,  Sat: 8 am-Noon,  Sun: 9:30am-12:30pm