At Diva Den Studio, we offer studio fitness classes for all shapes, sizes and skill levels. Our classes are totally out-of-the-box and fun! You'll forget you're even working out. We also offer amazing Pole Fitness sessions, as well as Personal and Small Group Training for when you you're ready to take your health & fitness to the next level.

Class FAQ's

QWhat can can I expect when I walk in to Diva Den?

The studio is filled with women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Your reservations will be completely resolved once you set foot in our fun, flirty environment. No judgements! Come feel supported, encouraged and beautiful!

QDo I have to pre-register for classes?

Yes, pre-registering for classes helps to save your spot in class. If you are unable to make it, please cancel so someone on the wait list can get in.

QWhat do I wear to classes?

It really depends on the class, but mostly comfortable workout gear and supportive footwear. Some classes are taught barefoot and no shoes are needed.

QDo I have to have fitness or dance experience to take classes?

Absolutely NOT! All of our classes are designed for ALL skill levels from beginning to advanced.

QAre men allowed to take classes at Diva Den?

DDS is an all women's studio. We do have a few male instructors that are marked on the schedule. We also host classes including men periodically on off times for special occasions.

QI have an injury or limitations. What classes are good for me?

All of our classes are modifiable to help with injuries or limitations. Our Instructors are knowledgeable and can accommodate your personal needs in any class.

QIs there parking available?

Yes, we have the lot in front and back of our building. Overflow parking is available on the street or down the hill in the large lot East of our studio. Please do not park across the street or you may be towed.

QWhat do I need to bring to class?

Pack a mat, sweat towel and water bottle in your gym bag. A lock for the dressing room lockers will keep your stuff safe while you’re working out too. If you forget, we sell all of these items at the front desk.

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