At Diva Den Studio, we offer studio fitness classes for all shapes, sizes and skill levels. Our classes are totally out-of-the-box and fun. So much fun you'll forget you're even working out!

Class FAQ's

QWhat are the benefits of pole dancing?

Where to start? Not only is pole dancing a great workout, it's good for your mind. In pole class we help you get back to feeling sexy and loving your body. You will always leave feeling amazing and proud of what you discover you can do.

QHow long is a pole dance sessions?

Pole dance sessions are 6 weeks long and begin every 6 weeks.

QHow many poles do you have?

We have 10 poles in our studio.

QHow many women per class?

We may have up to 10 women in a 6-week series class. One person per pole.

QHow fast do pole classes progress?

We follow a curriculum for each level of pole. However, we progress as the class does. We will help guide you through each pole session safely.

QCan I take private pole dance lessons?

Yes, we offer private sessions if you are looking for more one-on-one instruction. You can email or call for more details on how to set up your private session.

QCan I wear lotion to class?

No lotion or oils of any kind.

QWhat do I wear to class?

We want you to feel comfortable. Its best to layer so you can remove things as you warm up. Booty shorts are best for climbing and tricks. You may wear long socks or leg warmers for level 101.

QDo I have to have dance experience to take a pole session?

Not at all! That's what we’re here for! Classes start at a beginning level. Most women come to a 101 pole session with no dance experience.

QIs there parking available?

Yes, we have the lot in front and back of our building. Overflow parking is available on the street or down the hill in the large lot East of our studio. Please do not park across the street or you may be towed.

QHow old do I have to be to take pole classes?

You must be 18 years or older. No exceptions!

QI am a heavy-set, can I still do pole classes?

Yes! We want you to embrace those curves and work it! There is a weight limit of 250 lbs, however, there are plenty of pole moves that don’t require you to get off the ground and we can modify any pole class for you.

QI am shy or intimidated to try pole classes, any suggestions?

Just do it! All of our pole classes have no more than 8 people in class. Lights are low and you have your own space. Once you get in there, you’ll realize it's not as scary as you thought.

QDo you offer private pole dance parties?

Yes, pole dance parties are a BLAST! We do parties for all occasions. It doesn’t even have to be pole dance. We do striptease parties and can turn any of our fitness classes into a private party for your group. Visit our Parties Page for more information.

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