At Diva Den Studio, we offer studio fitness classes for all shapes, sizes and skill levels. Our classes are totally out-of-the-box and fun! You'll forget you're even working out. We also offer amazing Pole Fitness sessions, as well as Personal and Small Group Training for when you you're ready to take your health & fitness to the next level.

Pole Fitness

Are you curious about Pole Dancing? This super hot dance and fitness class will help you gain strength and confidence. We’ve seen how our classes change the way women feel about themselves daily. You’ll walk out of Diva Den feeling sexier than ever... it’s addicting!

Diva Den is the largest pole studio in the Northwest, featuring a 1300 sq. ft. pole room with 10 professional poles. All of our instructors are welcoming, passionate and certified to teach your pole sessions. We offer a safe and fun pole curriculum for all skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Come check us out and learn why we’re the leading HOT SPOT for Pole Dancing in the Greater Portland area.

Please be sure to read the Pole Fitness Policies before signing up.

Pole Taster  -  $30

Prerequisite: None

Have you always wondered what you do in a Pole Dancing class? We’ve developed a Pole Taster introduction to show the curious kittens out there what Pole Dancing is all about. This class is not required before enrolling in Pole 101, but is a nice class to take if you want to get a feel for our Pole Sessions. Class is 90-mins with more than 8 or more girls and 1-hour with 8 or less.

Pole Dance 101  -  $160 - 6 Week Course

Prerequisite: None

Pole 101 is a 6-week course where you’ll discover the unique movement and fluidity of Pole Dancing. We will guide you through the basic fundamentals including, sexy walking, sensuous floor work, flexibility, spins and transitions, and even climbing. Each lesson builds from the previous lesson, providing you with the basic skills of Pole Dancing by the end of your session. You’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see in your body and your mind. Everyone gets their own pole, no sharing here. Our classes are supportive, intimate with dim lighting to make you feel comfortable. Your session will have these same divalicious women throughout the entire 6-weeks and there are NO windows...NO looky-loos allowed!

Pole Dance 201  -  $160 - 6 Week Course

Prerequisite:  101 or Owner Permission

RAWR! You my dear are a VIXEN! You’ve completed Pole 101 and are ready for even more Pole Dancing. In Pole 201, you’ll get even stronger and learn more advanced tricks, transitions and sexy moves. You’ll also get more pole conditioning and strengthening exercises and start to invert (go upside down) on the pole, adding to your repertoire of Pole Dancing skills!

Pole Dance 301  -  $160  -  6 Week Course

Prerequisite: Pole 101, 201, or Owner Permission

Are you ready for more? You’re moving right up the sexy ladder! After you’ve completed Pole 101 and 201 you’re ready to learn more advanced tricks, transitions and even sexier moves. We offer more transitions and flow guidance in our 301 class, tying all of your sexy skills together and guiding you through the exploration of more challenging Pole Dancing moves.

Pole Dance 401  -  $160  -  6 Week Course

Prerequisite: Pole 101, 201, 301, or Owner Permission

You’re a sexy beast! You’ll continue to grow and add to your Pole Dancing skill-set in Pole 401. Your fundamentals are harnessed and polished, allowing you to refine your more advanced moves and grow while you perfect your sexy sport!

Structured Advanced Pole  -  $160  -  6 Week Course

Prerequisite: Pole 101, 201, 301, or Owner Permission

Wow! You have made it so far and there is no stopping you now! In this advanced pole class you will continue to learn new tricks and transitions. There will be different skill levels, but you will all follow the same structure.

Instructor Led Pole Play Class

We also offer Instructor Led Pole Play classes for extra guidance while you’re practicing outside of your sessions. These classes are staffed with our Pole Dance instructors who can help you with whatever you’re working on. The instructor is also there to help answer your questions and lead you through a warm up and cool down.

  • Drop-in Class - $20.00
  • 5 Class Punch Card - $75
  • 10 Class Punch Card - $150
  • These classes are included in our Siren Membership

Private Lessons

If you are interested in private lessons, please call or email. We can place you with the proper instructor to fit your needs after finding out what you are looking for.

  • 1 Hour for 1 person - $60
  • 1 Hour for 2 people - $100

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