At Diva Den Studio, we offer studio fitness classes for all shapes, sizes and skill levels. Our classes are totally out-of-the-box and fun. So much fun you'll forget you're even working out!

Pole Class Policies

Payment and Registration

In order to secure your spot in our 6 week session you must pre-register and pay in full. Classes are small and fill up fast so be sure to hold your spot. There are no refunds for pole classes.

Missed Classes

Due to the nature of pole it is important that you make all the classes in your 6 week series. We understand life gets in the way so if you miss a class, you can make it up in an Instructor Led Pole Play within a month of your missed class. You may also discuss with your pole instructor for options. You must check in with the studio before dropping in for a make up to be sure there is a pole available in the class.


Please be respectful of your instructor and do not instruct other students. Our instructors have been certified and have spent numerous hours learning the proper techniques for safety. If someone is asking for help, please direct them to the instructor.


It is extremely important that you listen to your instructor and wait for a spot when doing any type of inversion. Please do not attempt new tricks without the help of the instructor to spot you and be sure you are safe. We understand that you want to move quickly but moving too fast and trying tricks before you are ready can cause serious injuries. Safety is very important to us and we want you to learn tricks the proper way and when you are ready.

Pole Rules
  • Please do not instruct or spot other students. For safety and liability reasons, only the instructor in charge is allowed to spot and instruct.
  • Do not attempt a trick that hasn’t been taught without permission from your instructor. Some of our upper level classes may have different tricks being done. Do not try something unless the instructor approves.
  • Never do pole tricks cold. Be sure to warm up your body before doing any pole moves. Wear layers you can take off as your body warms up.
  • Students are not allowed to be on the poles without an instructor present. Please be respectful and wait for your instructor.
  • Please arrive on time as to not disrupt the class flow.
  • Please do not wear lotion or oils the day of your class.
  • Please remove all jewelry that could scratch the pole.
  • Only students are allowed in class, no spectators.
  • Please inform your instructor of any injuries or issues so she may properly instruct you and give you modifications.
  • Please understand that your instructor has been specifically trained and certified to assist you. She will decide when you are ready for certain moves and help you get there safely.

Please Note: All policies are subject to change without notice by Diva Den Studio.

Pole FAQ's

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