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A Dogs Life...

A Dogs Life...

Sunday, May 08, 2016 Posted by Diva Den Studio 

I'm a big fan of large breed dogs which is why I'm now on my 4th Great Dane. They are amazing dogs but their life is shorter than most. Losing out last one was heartbreaking but we had already added a puppy to the mix for him to help train. We thought if we got him while we still had Shorty (Yes its ironic cause he wasn't short) then our new puppy Milo, would be just as awesome.

Well he's awesome but not the same. First of all, he just kept growing! He is by far the biggest Dane we have had and he has no idea he is big. He still thinks he's a lapdog.

Living with Milo has been interesting. Its like we have a toddler in the house who is 165 lbs and can reach everything. We have had to "Baby Proof" the house all over. He can open cabinets and steal food, turn on all the faucets, and open all the doors. He does what we call "Drive Bys" if we leave any food on the counter. No matter what it is, he takes it. He once stole an entire pizza off the counter and swallowed it so fast we couldn't even react. He has caused us to have cold showers in the morning when he turns the bathtub on in the middle of the night for a quick drink. Unfortunately he usually hits the hot side which means hot water is gone when we wake up.

He barks non stop at absolutely nothing if he doesn't have a bark collar on. I think he just likes to hear himself. He squeezes himself on any open piece of furniture even though he is not allowed on any of it. He thinks I don't know cause he is sneaky but the couch is clearly warm when I get home.

He has his own twin bed with full bedding in my youngest childs room He sleeps with his head on a pillow and I'm pretty sure he doesn't know he's a dog. He follows me around like he's my shadow. Thats a big shadow!

Honestly, he's a pain in my ass, but I adore him. He's super loving and protective and just can't get close enough to you. He is smart and funny and so sweet. He hates when I leave so he usually steals one of my shoes and puts it outside. He doesn't chew it but just takes it out there to let me know he does not want me to leave him again. I appreciate it.

Kristin Nelson
Diva Den Studio Owner & Instructor


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