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A very merry Covid holiday season: tips on gathering and self care

A very merry Covid holiday season: tips on gathering and self care

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 Posted by Diva Den Studio 

It is clear that 2020 has been quite a year! All of our worlds have been flipped upside down, shaken up, spit out, stomped on and still we keep moving forward. No one could have predicted the utter chaos that 2020 would bring, in fact many of us were singing “this is going to be my year!” as we rang in the new year. 2020 has been unimaginably sad, painful, confusing and beautiful all at the same time. As we near the end of this year and are in the thick of a very merry Covid holiday season, I had a few reminders for myself that I thought you might find helpful.

1. First things first, just because this holiday season we might not be able to see all of our loved ones and gather the way we typically would, does not mean we never will again! This too shall pass my friends. Of course I have no clue when, but I do know in my heart that it will. We will be able to hug, kiss, and pack into a small room to drink and be merry! Hold on to that feeling and take a deep breath.

2. Be flexible and get creative when it comes to seeing high risk family members. If you typically get together for a big family style dinner with grandparents, maybe opt for a simple gift exchange with no food. Wear a mask while you exchange gifts indoors and try to keep 6’ spacing, or heck if it’s not raining, bundle up around a bonfire outside. Even if all of this feel super awkward and strange, just know that taking these safety measures is a sign of affection. However, when in doubt please play it safe. See my next tip below!

3. Facetime or Zoom with loved ones. Schedule a little happy hour with extended family and play a game! Pick a host and choose a game! I found a great article "13 Games That Will Liven Up Your Zoom Holiday Party" —> HERE

4. Bummed your kids can’t sit on Santa’s lap this year for another hilarious photo for the albums? Try visiting a drive-thru holiday lights park! Bring some hot cocoa and fun snacks in the car with you! Bump loud music and make it a party with your little unit!

5. Move your body everyday for at least 30 mins! Yes you read that correctly, at least 30 mins EVERYDAY! It’s easy to get into a holiday, cozy slump and slip on your workouts….I mean there’s always January right? NO girl, do not wait until January to step up your physical health. Do it right meow! Mix it up and schedule this time for yourself daily. The possibilities are (almost) endless, from at home workouts and dance classes livestream and on-demand (a perk to 2020 is that there are more home fitness content than ever before!), dancing, walking, running, hiking, skiing, biking, even sledding is a great way to get your heart pumping! Daily movement and exercise is a great way to lower your stress, increase endorphins, stay healthy and build elevated self confidence. Plus you won’t feel so guilty for eating all those holiday treats ;)

6. Stay hydrated you thirsty B! Your body needs water, and most of us are not drinking enough. Drinking ample water for your body weight has many health benefits that will enhance your life. it is recommended that we drink half our body weight in oz each day and more when we exercise or are in hot climates. For example: Say you weight 150 lbs, you would want to drink at least 75 oz of water daily. Need more convincing? Here you go!

• Water curbs your appetite! If you find yourself grazing and snacking on rich holiday goodies all day, try drinking a tall glass of room temp water before grabbing the next snack. When your brain is telling you you’re still hungry, you might just be thirsty for some waterrrrrrr. Of course you can always go back to the holiday treats, just remember that you’ll probably eat a little less if your belly is full of water first.

• Feeling tired no matter how much caffeine you drink? Your body is probably screaming at you for more delicious H20! Drinking too much caffeine can cause headaches, skin and digestive problems, and even foggy brain. Water magically reverses all of these things! Ok its not magic, its science and us humans are actually made up of 60% of water! So cool right? So next time you are feeling icky, tired and low energy, get yo self some wa-wa-wa-WATER!

• Take note of how many oz your favorite water bottle is to help you stay on track. For example my favorite water bottle is 24 oz, and so I always have the goal to drink at least 3+ full bottles daily. If you don’t have a favorite water bottle, GET ONE! This is a great gift to self that will benefit your health and what better gift could you give yourself? Ok I have been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss to my son lately and that little rhyme came out a little too easy LOL

7. Eat GREENS everyday! I am no dietitian and am not here to offer any nutritional advice, but this one is simple and no matter howor what you choose to eat, through all my research over the years GREENS are basically a non-negotiable, but also rarely found with holiday dishes, so you gotta make it a priority to keep some greens in the fridge and put them in your belly! Bored with salad? Put some spinach in a smoothie or look up a new recipe!

8. Wash your face! No seriously, wash your damn face every morning and night! You might be wondering what the heck this has to do with the holidays, and to be honest the last 3 points I’m making here are not specific to the holidays. They are simply reminders to not slip up on this season! Washing your face is a sign of self care and self love. I feel like I sleep better when I wash and pamper my face before bed, plus waking up in the morning without flaky mascara around your eyes just gets your day started a little smoother. Oh and don’t forget sunscreen, yes even in the winter ;)

We typically prioritize others during the holidays and that is a beautiful thing. It is ok to give more of yourself during the holiday season, just make a promise to yourself that you will also prioritize YOU! By doing so you will be the best version of yourself for those who matter to you most.

Happy Holidays ya’ll!

With all the love and gratitude,
Sid (vicious mamalicious) Redding


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