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Learning to Love Yoga

Learning to Love Yoga

Monday, December 18, 2017 Posted by Diva Den Studio 


Learning to love yoga


I have always wanted to love yoga and have it change my life like it has so many others. I have tried every type of class and I always find it so hard to turn my brain off. I have about 20 minutes in me and then I start thinking about all the things I need to do. I have felt as if I was wasting my time with an hour of yoga and that I should be slamming a medicine ball or running 6 miles.
It wasn't until this year that I started to realize the benefits and what it could do for me. I started taking Julie's Wednesday 5:30am class and it was a perfect mid week gift to my body. I have a shoulder injury and a bad back and this was exactly what I needed to do to feel better.


I also started to see that if I concentrated on the moves and tried to do them correctly, it was hard and I would work up a sweat! I had no idea that the yoga poses I thought were easy, were actually challenging if I did them right. Even something as simple as "Halfway Lift." Julie would adjust me and I could see the difference.


I am now that student that is constantly asking questions and wanting her to help me with every move so I can perfect it. I am one hundred percent focused in class and the hour flies by.


I finally see the benefits and am so grateful. Remember balance in your workouts is so important. If you always do the same workout everyday, your body won't change and you will stop seeing results. Its important to mix it up and do different classes. I am a creature of habit and could do the same thing daily, but I force myself to try new things. Its amazing how much it helps.

Adding Yoga to my routine has helped me feel longer and more flexible which has made me less injury prone. When I take care of my body like this, I just feel better all around. I can finally say that Yoga has changed my life and I'm so grateful. :)


Kristin Nelson

Diva Den Studio Owner


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