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Letter from a Diva Member

Letter from a Diva Member

Monday, January 25, 2016 Posted by Diva Den Studio 

We love hearing from our members! You are what makes DDS what it is and we appreciate you all. Here is a recent letter from one of our beautiful DDS members.

Quotes I just wanted to share a treat with you all as a thank you for the difference you all have made in my life this year. I have been enjoying coming her for several years now, but this year I really realized what an important part of my life Diva Den has become.

I had a difficult year personally and found myself struggling with depression and anxiety. Every time I mustered the ability to come to a class, I instantly felt better and came home in a better state of mind. My boyfriend soon caught onto this positive change and encouraged me to go as much as my schedule allowed. Suddenly for an hour or two each week, things didn't seem so bleak and I could forget whatever was going on and just dance (Or Sweat). In November, I challenged myself to come as much as I possibly could and felt amazing!

From the minute I hit the door and whatever fabulous lady working there greets me, I know I"m in a positive place. I appreciate the hard work the instructors put into planning and choreographing for their classes so that we get a fun and challenging workout every single time. Every instructor is so motivating and welcoming, Diva Den truly is a haven for women in this community and we are lucky to have this place and all of you.

I wanted to give a big shout out to Sid for encouraging the people in her classes to introduce themselves to each other. Suddenly I know the names of the ladies I had been taking classes with for years! I also really love the format of Rosey's Monday night It's a Groove Thang as it is always a good way to ease back into the work week.

As I finish the year, I feel stronger and have found my way back to that girl that loves to sing off-key and dance around her house and that was in large part to this bright pink shiny ball of happiness that is Diva Den. Thank you all and best wishes for the upcoming year!

Diva Den Studio Member


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