This has been my secret weapon for years! In fact, it's selfishly hard for me to part with, because it has worked so well! In this crazed, run yourself ragged world we live in, its hard to make the time for something that seems so 'indulgent' or 'lazy' as it has been known to be looked at by the world's standards, but here's some proof to back it up...

#1 Reason People Can't Lose Weight: SLEEP!!!


You're body is like a fuel engine... You need to eat small portions every 2 1/2 hours! If you stop feeding it, it will store your next meal as fat for reserve in case you 'starve' it again! The worst part about this is you could eternally damage your metabolism! And it may never be restored.

#3 Reason: DRINK WATER!!!

Not Starbucks loaded w sugar or fake sugar :) (that's a whole other topic!) or soda/juice/etc.

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Diva Intructor, Monica Carlson