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The Early Bird Gets The Worm

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Monday, October 05, 2015 Posted by Diva Den Studio 

Early Bird Class

I haven't always been an early bird. The thought of waking up before the sun to workout was the last thing I wanted to do. Then life got crazy and I no longer could guarantee that I would have time to workout. I would try but things got in the way and the workout was the first thing to go. After some frustration I decided to try to become an early exerciser.

Lets be honest. It was not fun to begin with. In fact it was really hard! I did not want to get up and learning to go to bed early was not easy. However, I know it takes 21 days to create a habit so I stuck with it. Soon it got easier and I was seeing the results of having a steady workout schedule. I felt great and it was now a habit.

So if you are one of the many people who needs more hours in the day, here are some tips to help you get that workout done and out of the way.

  • 1) Put out your clothes the night before. Its no fun digging thru your drawers at 5:00am. I've been know to show up to class with my clothes on inside out and backwards when I don't plan ahead. True story.
  • 2) Grab a friend to join you! Nothing keeps you more accountable then knowing you have a workout buddy going with you. On the days I want to turn my alarm off, I think of my girlfriends counting on me to meet them in class and it gets me up. Support each other and help keep each other accountable.
  • 3) Skip the booze. I love my wine and enjoy a glass with dinner, but I found that having a glass of wine (Or two) made it much more difficult to get up in the morning. Skipping the wine made me go to be earlier and feel better in the morning. Plus it was something to look forward to Friday night. :)
  • 4) Don't get up too early. I give myself just enough time to brush my teach, get dressed and throw my hair up. No need to get up and drink my tea, check email, etc. I have time when I get home. Sleep all the way up to the time you have to get up. Take advantage of your sleep time.
  • 5) Reward yourself! Set a plan and if you succeed, give yourself a treat. Book a massage, or buy a new workout outfit. Have something to work towards that keeps you motivated.

So give it a try! We have a great morning line up all designed to go together so you can do all 5 classes and feel great. Research shows that working out early is better for weight loss. It is known to kickstart your metabolism early, so you can burn more calories during the day, as opposed to when you are sleeping.

Kristin Nelson
Diva Den Owner & Instructor


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