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When In Doubt, Dance It Out!

When In Doubt, Dance It Out!

Thursday, January 28, 2016 Posted by Diva Den Studio 

Dance with Sidnie Redding

“When in doubt, dance it out!” I say it all the time and I mean it. When we allow ourselves to let it go and dance we can transform our mind, body and soul.

Justin Williamson with wrote an article titled ‘How Dancing Can Be Good For Our Body And Soul’. In this article he writes, “We can dance to any music that we like, even when you don't know any dancing technique. We can dance alone or in company of friends, in our house, in the countryside or in a ballroom. We often follow the rhythm of the music while sitting in a car and secretly wishing that we can move the whole body to feel the sensation. No matter where or how or when, music floods each of our cells and vibrates our inner soul, which leads us to move effortlessly within our own capabilities.” I feel like we can all relate to this on some level.

Justin goes on to say, “When we dance, our mind rests; there is no room for thought when we are immersed in the sensual pleasure of movement. Our heart forgets its pains; sorrows dissolve as if by magic. When dancing, our body is present along with the soul and both move together in perfect harmony.” I could not have said this better myself. (Read the full article:

My signature class at Diva Den Studio ‘Dance Party Hustle’ is something that endlessly feeds my mind, body and soul. This class is all about giving my students permission to dance. The format that I have created breaks many conventional rules of fitness. From the music to the dance moves, the class is sexy and silly and makes you sweat! This is more than just a dance fitness class it’s like therapy.

When I am dancing on stage or alone in my house, I feel most myself and at the same time I can be anyone or anything I want. The music leads my soul and my soul leads my movements. My ultimate goal is to inspire my students to move in new ways and feel good about their bodies! The more we dance, the sexier we feel!

Let’s allow ourselves to dance more without judging ourselves. Feel the rhythm and let it go. I promise your mind, body, and soul will transform the more you do this. When in doubt, dance it out!

Sidnie Redding
Diva Den Instructor

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