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Why Women Only?

Why Women Only?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 Posted by Diva Den Studio 

Why Women Only?

I get asked often why we are a studio just for women. First, let's be clear. I don't have anything against men. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful teenage boys (and Daughter :).

For years I worked out in gyms with men and had no issues. I just always saw a need for a place for women to go and feel comfortable. A community just for them.

I recently went to a co-ed gym and was running on the treadmill. After my run I went to the stretching area to do some abs and stretches. I was suddenly aware that there were men there. Where should my booty face in down dog? Are my pants up enough or is my muffin top showing? If I bend over do have too much cleavage?

To be honest, I am not modest at all and could care less who is watching, but I was definitely aware of the different feel. There was nobody staring at me but I could understand women feeling self conscious.

Like I said before in a previous blog, we are brought up learning how to protect ourselves and our bodies. We are taught to be aware of our surroundings at all times to stay safe. Its just whats ingrained in us.

When I'm at the studio, I'm never worried about where I'm stretching or how. Or if my pants are slightly see thru (hopefully not) or if my curves are showing. I feel 100% comfortable and never judged.

People say all the time "How can you work with women? They are so emotional!" Of course we are! We are women and we wear our hearts on our sleeve and support each other or offer a hug when needed. This is a beautiful thing and I feel empowered being surrounded by so many amazing women.

I always dreamed of a community like this and because of our fabulous staff and members, that dream is a reality. I walk in the studio and I'm embraced by a community of women from all walks of life with different shapes and sizes. I witness friendships happening and women supporting other women in their journey.

We do have some awesome male instructors and offer specialty classes that include men. Who knows, we may even offer more in the future. However, DDS will always be a safe female strong community full of bad ass women with an inspiring story.

Much Love Divas,

Kristin Nelson
Diva Den Studio Owner & Instructor


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