At Diva Den Studio, we offer studio fitness classes for all shapes, sizes and skill levels. Our classes are totally out-of-the-box and fun. So much fun you'll forget you're even working out!

Personal & Small Group Training

If you are ready to start a new fitness regiment or take your training to the next level, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and let us create a personalized program to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

One-on-One Personal Training

At Diva Den Studio, our trainers recognize that every individual is unique and requires a program specialized to their individual goals and needs. The motivating factor, the work ethic and the end results are all different and specific to each individual. Our certified trainers are not only your workout buddy, but they are your personal motivator to get you moving and assist you in implementing realistic and achievable lifestyle changes no matter what your fitness level and goals are. You only have one body and what you do today will directly effect how your body will function in the future!

(4) Jump Start 50-Minute Training Sessions - $199 (First time clients only)

(1) Single 50-Minute Training Session - $75

(4) 50-Minute Training Sessions - $280

(6) 50-Minute Training Sessions - $390

(12) 50-Minute Training Sessions - $720

Please call or Email to get started with personal training sessions.

Drop-In Small Group Training

Small group training is best done in sessions but we know your schedule can get crazy. So just for you, we now have a drop in group training session.

A 60-Minute training focusing on your needs and pushing you to your limits. Including weight training and metabolic training.

No matter what your goals are, we will help you get there. With intense workouts designed to challenge you and get you to where you want to be.

Our trainers are the best in the industry and will help you be the best you can be!

10 Class Punch Card - $400

5 Class Punch Card - $200

Drop-In - $45

Please call or Email to get started with personal training sessions.

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